I am devoted to the promotion of live music in all forms.

I have managed live bands in small Chicago clubs. I have pitched new artists to UK media outlets. What do I enjoy the most? Hands-on talent guidance, social media brand management, press release development and, of course, discovering new artists (If I don’t text you back, I’m at a concert!). A position with room for me to be involved with music in any, or all of, these ways would be ideal.

Hello, I'm Mia

I am a music evangelist. I believe in the absolute power of music to soothe, inspire and create space for people to remember. Music moves people. Throughout college, I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with firms handling all aspects of music production, promotion and media management. The work that goes on in these fields, and many more, is what sets the stage for getting incredible music out to you!

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Music. Events. Travel. College Life.