The arts, including music, help me live up to the responsibility to enjoy my life. As a child, I starred in the pageants and plays and eventually got familiar with the Kennedy Center and Broadway. Although I was too late for Rick Springfield live, and missed Elton John’s final farewell with my parents, I’ve been able to catch live performances of Jack White, Artic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, and many more.

If life is only dull work, what’s the point?

Since you can’t survive on music alone, I sometimes cook. Grammy keeps me on my toes with the recipes from the old country while I investigate all types of ways to eat cleaner to keep myself healthy. From incorporating more sugar and dairy-free options into my week to on-line foraging for easy prep meat-free options—I keep up to speed with trends in healthy eating. Here is one of my recent favorites—I’m highlighting it for its make-ahead potential and, of course, for its deliciousness!

I also love to eat!


I’m not an athlete. And, about 5 years ago, I had one of my feet re-built. However, today-- I am very much into fitness. I run and weight-train three times a week so that I can maintain energy for work, studies, and concert-attendance. Regular workouts are critical to my ability to focus intensely on everything I’ve got to get done. Fitness tips? The incline should be more than zero (smile). Use orthotic supports inside athletic shoes--store-bought or prescription—if you are running multiple miles per week.

At concert,

must dance.

Traveling to experience music both in the US and abroad has been a great highlight of my life---from standing front row at a NPR’s Spotlight concert at SXSW, to Hembree in Brooklyn, to Loyle Carner in London. As I’m enjoying the music scene wherever I am, I always take a few moments to enjoy the fact that budgeting, booking and executing each trip PROVES that I am adulting! Even shorter trips (road or air) provide opportunities for mini-management practice in personal financial, personal management and organizational skills. Where are YOU going next?

Love to travel.